4 ways to get paid on social media

We all love social media and we all love getting paid. With that in mind, we here at Hatch have put together the top 4 ways that you (and your friends) can get paid on social media.

Internet famous

We’re sure that you are aware of the new wave of YouTube megastars, that older generations have still never heard of. With millions of subscribers tuning into YouTube every day to consume relatable, current content, there is no wonder that brands are queuing up to sponsor these self-managed super-internet stars.

To get started, get yourself a camera and an engaging personality. Work hard at this while building a loyal following and you can soon earn money through the job title of a social-influencer.

Affiliate marketing

This takes a lot of strategy, time and dedication, but those who do it right make a serious amount of wedge. Affiliate marketing is simple. In a nutshell, you are promoting the services or products of a company that you aren’t a direct employee of. If successful and you acquire that company a new customer, you will revive a fee or commission. Simple.

Manage the social media accounts for a company

More of a full-time occupation. But with more traditional companies giving in to social media and accepting that it is a significantly valued marketing channel, medium to large companies are now employing full-time social media managers. To bag yourself a job as a social media manager, you will normally you have to be literate, creative and you know a thing or two about overall digital marketing strategy, if that sounds like you, then check out these roles.


Hatch is the platform that allows the normal Twitter user to get paid to tweet about the brands they love. Consider yourself a social influencer on a micro level. It’s simple, all you have to do is open up a Hatch account, select your interests and you will then have a list of different brands that want you to post about then. Simple, beautiful and fun!

Hatch is due to launch withing the next 6 weeks. To be one of our first users, please register here.

The Executive Summary

Hatch is a social media advertising platform that connects brands with micro-influencers.

Individuals can now, get paid to post about a brand or campaign that they are interested in. And in turn allows a brand to build a semi-organic conversation over twitter about its products or services, by offering a small cash incentive per user who engages with the brand through Hatch.

At this moment in time, brands have two options, to either pay a ‘social Influencer’ to post about its product or to start a trend by asking their followers to get involved with a hashtag while at the same time a brand may directly approach twitter to have their hashtag be a paid ‘promoted trend’ for the day or a certain time period.

The idea of Hatch is to use every normal social media user as a micro-social influencer, whether they have 1000 followers or 200, they have people subscribed to them, people who can be influenced. A brand can create a campaign through the dashboard, by setting a campaign brief, uploading an image or video, setting the campaign time and date, budget and how many influencers needed.

Our plan is to offer innovative marketers a new approach to word-of-mouth marketing. While in turn, we want to give real value to all social media users; Yes, the primary reasons that users use social media is to keep in contact with friends and family, digest content and follow global events in real time. But very much like the introduction of monetizing videos on Youtube (which has seen a boom in content creators and DAU’s), we want to bring that to Twitter, with a slightly more commercial angle.

There is so much more to our platform, which will all come in time. We are due to go live in just over 6 weeks and we can’t wait!

Please contact sean@hatch.social for more information.